Early Years

In the Early Years pupils are taught primarily through focused play activities. One of these will regularly be based in the area of Language and Communication. In addition most pupils will have specific communication targets that will be worked towards throughout the school day. During the Reception year pupils are gradually introduced to aspects of literacy. All children have individual number targets worked on either individually or in small groups.

Foundation Stage pupils have daily outdoor learning and play sessions and weekly opportunities to learn beyond the school environment when they visit local shops, parks, play and activity centres and the Donkey Sanctuary in Sutton Park. This helps to develop children’s awareness of the wider community and supports the development of skills which enhance their participation in family life. Care is taken to ensure the safety of children whilst out in the community through appropriate risk assessments and favourable adult to child ratios.




Please click the link below to view our EYFS Curriculum.

The Pines School EYFS Curriculum