The Curriculum

The Pines School curriculum is broad, balanced, relevant and challenging. It meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the new National Curriculum (NC) and includes modifications to make it accessible to all pupils. In addition to the National Curriculum we take into account both the City of Birmingham’s Curriculum Statement and the special educational needs of our pupils. This is achieved by including areas such as Personal and Social Development and Health Education and by placing an appropriate emphasis on the development of communication, in its widest sense, across the whole curriculum. We promote and practice British Values across the curriculum and in all we do every day.


Learning styles vary from pupil to pupil. This is taken into account when lessons are planned and teaching styles are therefore equally varied. Although a mixture of whole class, group and individual teaching is usually appropriate, the exact balance between these depends upon the needs of the class and the individual


We believe that subject knowledge is not learned in isolation.  Staff may therefore teach a combination of curricular areas linked together by a common topic through our child centred curriculum approach.


In order to enhance the curriculum and make it meaningful we devise a comprehensive programme of educational visits for each class group throughout the year, so that the children have access to a range of learning experiences.


One of the main aims of our Curriculum is to instil a love of learning in our pupils and give them confidence in their own abilities.