The Team

Jane Murphy, Outreach Teacher

Jane has been working at the Pines for 18 years, having begun her career in mainstream
settings. She has taught in both key stages and has spent the last 12 years as part of the
outreach team. She is the school’s Lead Practitioner in autism and is a Specialist Leader in



Rachel Hayes, Outreach Teacher
Rachel joined the school 11 years having been a SENCO in a mainstream setting. Prior to
her teacher training, she was a residential social worker in a special school setting and
began her employment at Pines as our inclusion manager, supporting our children in our
mainstream satellite provision. She taught in both key stages in the school, before becoming
one of the Outreach Team.


Lucy Howard Outreach Teacher
Lucy is new to the school, she is an experienced ASC Specialist Teacher and has taught across all key
stages over her 10 year teaching career and also now joins our Outreach Team after 2 years of
Outreach experience in Early Years.