Science and Computing


In Science we aim to develop inquiring minds so that children may explore their surroundings in order to understand them and to devise their own strategies to help them solve problems.
Pupils also have the opportunity to work independently and co-operatively to share ideas, formulate hypotheses and modify their thoughts in the light of experience.




Sex Education

The Governing Body believe that sex education should not be taught as an isolated subject, but as a natural part of children learning about themselves and their relationships with each other. It is therefore taught with sensitivity appropriately to the child’s age throughout their school life, and more specifically in the summer term for pupils in Year 6. Parents/carers of pupils in Year 6 are notified of the content of all lessons.


Our pupils have the opportunity to use computers in order to;

communicate with individuals
solve problems
process information
store and retrieve information
communicate with the wider community
consolidate concepts learned in other areas
develop coding skills
For some pupils computers and iPads prove to be a very motivating and practical learning tool, which provides access to learning throughout the curriculum.

e-Safety is taught in a secure environment through teacher-led access to our website and Twitter account.