Creative Curriculum

History & Geography
The children have opportunities to learn about other countries and cultures world-wide. We also aim to ensure that pupils gain knowledge and understanding of the environment and in particular their city by providing them with a range of concrete experiences that can then be further developed in the classroom setting.

Design & Technology
These are creative practical activities that involve children observing, identifying, investigating, exploring, categorising, modelling, planning, making and evaluating.
Pupils of all ages have the opportunity to cook. Food technology provides many important cross-curricular opportunities for learning during enjoyable and often highly motivating activities e.g. the change of liquids to solids, following instructions and procedures, turn-taking, basic safety and hygiene rules. During such activities staff respect religious and dietary observances.

Art and DesignFrom the early stages pupils are encouraged to experiment with and explore materials. The aim is that children progress to making images and models using a variety of media in order to explore and make sense of the world.

All children explore the expressive elements of sound and music using voice, percussion and electronic instruments. They also have the opportunity to listen to a wide variety of music and organised sounds in order to develop various skills. These may range from simple sound recognition to following rhythms and describing moods and feelings suggested by different pieces of music.

Physical Education
In P.E. we develop body awareness and provide learning experiences in which movement plays a significant role. The development of social skills such as turn taking and PSHE issues are given a prominent role during all aspects of physical education. All children in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to learn to swim. Consideration is given to pupils with special physical/medical needs.