Request For Support Form 2015 pdf

Our aim is to support pupils with Autism and related difficulties within their
educational setting. We will observe the child in their placement and then advise staff
on specific strategies. Please see the ‘contact us’ section for further details.
Formal referrals are made through the setting that the child attends. Parents and
others who wish for the service to be provided for a child should approach the child’s
setting and ask them to make the request.
Before support begins a meeting with senior management and SENCO will be
arranged to go over the working agreement to ensure shared expectations of the
service are met.
Referral Criteria
Mainstream settings
Children attending mainstream schools who are referred to our team do not have a
diagnosis of autism (children with a diagnosis of autism should already be on the
Communication Autism Team caseload if they attend a Birmingham mainstream
If a child does not have a diagnosis, they need to present with at least 3 of the
 Significant difficulties with speech, language and/or communication (but who
do not qualify for SALT support).
 Delayed or alternative social communication skills (e.g. significant delay in
using expressive communication which is not related to articulation
 Children who have difficulties building and/or maintaining social relationships.
 Children who an uneven academic/developmental profile.
 Children with behaviours that may be difficult to understand or modify
because of their differences in processing information.
 Strategies being implemented by the school have had limited impact.
A referral can be made by:
1. Printing out and completing the referral form before sending it to us at Outreach
Team; The Pines Outreach team, The Pines School, Marsh Hill, Birmingham, B23
2. Downloading the form, completing it and emailing it to