All about us!
The Pines School is a special school, with a Nursery class, educating 130 pupils,
the majority of whom have a diagnosis of autism. Over a period of several years,
the school has developed an outreach service, which works with a network of
mainstream schools , special schools and private nurseries in order to facilitate the
inclusion of children with significant social and communication difficulties .
The Pines School Outreach Service aims to raise awareness and understanding of
these children’s needs and to enskill staff in facilitating their access to the
curriculum and social inclusion.
We are proud to be able to offer a service for schools to support children and staff
in overcoming barriers to learning and achieve their true potential.
What Can We Offer?
Observations of individuals in Educational settings leading to:
1. Identifications of helpful working strategies for staff to improve the inclusion and
progress of pupils.
2. Providing appropriate resources to assist in the facilitation of these strategies to
support teaching and learning.
3. Support in writing appropriate targets. Attending reviews to ensure progress and
positive outcomes
4. Opportunities to visit a specialist working environment to observe strategies
5. Support the development of visual and communication friendly classrooms.
6. Signpost to other services from whom we feel the school may gain the correct
specialist input.
7. Support in setting up language/social skills groups.
8. Individual, small group and whole staff training, either during working day or twilight
Support can be purchased by mainstream schools in the form of 3 packages
depending on hours needed, details of hours and costs can be found in
‘Packages of Support’ section.