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Where in the world is 3E?

  This week, 3E have been learning about the UK, as part of our new topic. We have found the UK on the world map and have made Union Jack flags. We have also started work on a new story “Anansi the spider” and have painted and decorated some beautiful, colourful spiders, to go on our classroom […]

Its Summer Disco time ……… 13/7/18

Beach party 2018 Friends of the Pines are delighted to announce the Summer Disco on Friday 13th July. Tickets are on sale on Parents’ Evening or at the door.

Rhyme Time 4M

We have looked at a poem If Children ruled the World  Written by Josie Whitehead  The whole poem was about what children wanted to do  And this is what it said  If children ruled the world it would be Christmas every day  If children ruled the world we think it would be fun  The playground would be […]

Busy 3M

3M have had another busy half term and week. We have concentrated on position and direction and giving our own directions to each other in Maths. In English we have looked at alliteration and rhyming words. We have written our own prayers in RE and then used the computer to copy and print. Happy Holidays […]

Kindness 5M

We have had a super week in 5M. we made paper mashey planes (planets)for art and dt. they are being displayed on the wall in the corridor. They look great.  some of us do quesion marks. on monday we dit got to the spas sentr (space centre). is good. In RE we have been thinking […]

Relaunching Friends of The Pines

Dear Families Exciting news!!! We are relaunching our Friends of The Pines Committee next month! The focus of the committee will be to create a parent led events fundraising committee. We are an ambitious expanding school needing a strong team of parents to help us create social events for the children to enjoy such as […]

Year 6 Blog

  This Week Jayden And Abdullah Gets The Certificates On Monday We Did Reading Books In The Morning Then We Did Maths Dinner Was Lamb Pasta. On Tuesday Again It Was Reading Books In The Morning In Maths It Was Some Challenging Work After Play We Did English After That We Did Scratch. On Wednesday […]

Clocking on in Year5E

5E have had a fabulous week. In Maths we have been learning all about time. We have been sequencing our day and our week, some of us have been looking at clock and are beginning to tell the time.  . In English we have been  listening and following instructions and we have been practising our […]

5M news

this week we been lerning about planets and in maths we have been lerning about lenth. i eglech we did hansel and gretrl. on monday PCSO clarke came to meet us and we get to dress like a police and we get to sit in the back of the van. In Music we made music for […]

Brightening our garden -Caterpillars

Caterpillars have been working hard this week. We have been doing lots of sticking activities, making lovely collages to brighten up our garden in our outside area. We have been playing with soil and watering our bean plants outside. We have also been looking at shapes and have enjoyed playing with shapes and making different […]