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2M Science Week

We have had a lovely Science Week. Thank you so much for coming to the Class Workshop on Wednesday. The children told me all about it and said how much they enjoyed it. We have been looking at ‘changing’ materials whilst dissolving jelly and making cakes. The children have also enjoyed handling animals with the […]

5M Science Week

We have had a busy week this week for Science week. We have learnt a lot about plants and animals this week. On Tuesday a bear had snuck into the classroom and stolen our friendship box. We had to put our detective hats on and check the crime scene for clues. We were very clever […]

1E Science Week

1E absolutely loved learning about animals during science week, especially seeing the snake, lizard and tortoise up close during our visit from the animal lady 😊. We have been reading ‘Dear Zoo’ and exploring wild animals, we have made puppets and have been looking at the concept of big and small during Maths.

Butterflies Science Week

This week we have participated in British Science Week 2018! We have focused on animals, which fits in nicely with our story of the Little Red Hen. We really enjoyed our animal Attention Autism session, we are using symbols and language really well to communicate. We visited Sheldon Country Farm and looked at the cows, […]

Wild Caterpillars

Caterpillars have been going wild this week learning all about jungle animals! We have been looking at the colours of the animals and where they live. We enjoyed our stay and play on wednesday afternoon and did some lovely activities with our parents. We met some real animals on Thursday in our animal workshop and […]

Animal Antics in 3E

3E have had a great science week. We have been looking at where different animals live and what they need to survive. We have also made some beautiful butterflies and birds in nests for our class room display. 3E would like to thank all the parents that came to our workshop for helping us to […]

5E Science Week

This week 5E have been super scientists. On Monday we explored Materials and their Properties: we predicted what might happen in a simple investigation (soup making) then we observed the changes that occurred, we also had a taste test 😝. On Tuesday we learnt all about Electricity, we made butterflies that gave off static electricity and […]

3M Science Week

3M have had a great week exploring and doing experiments as part of our British Science Week. We had a visiting chemist Estelle who showed us an experiment using peroxide, fairy liquid, yeast and water and it made a foam explosion! It was good fun! Also we managed to put the final touches to our Stone age jewellery too. […]

Return of our eggcellent Easter Egg Competition.

Our Easter Egg Competition is now open. Design and make a 2d or 3d Easter Egg, get family and friends to sponsor you (raising money for our School Fund) and have some fun. Entries need to be in school by Monday 26th March at the latest. First prize a £10 Smyths Toys voucher. Looking for […]

Year 6 Scientists

Year 6 have enjoyed British Science Week. We’ve been investigating friction, sometimes it is helpful and sometimes it isn’t. We have also been discovering that the Ancient Mayans were great scientists and developed their own calendar, it took 52 years to run through 1 cycle. We also learnt about famous scientists and were very sad […]