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Yr 7 blog by N O’B and RM

I just want to tell you about the things that we did this term. In English, we’ve been doing about illustrating our stories. We did drawing and colouring our pictures.  We also did reading. In Maths, we’ve been did writing numbers to 1000, time and money. In time, we did the 24 hour clock. In money, we recognised […]

Yr 7 blogs by L’M, D and J S-S

Year 7 we worked hard in Maths, we worked with money 2p  5p  10p  50p In science we worked hard on an experiment to see if our items sunk or floated.  l’mari Today we made ester work Dylan I’m write this to you, about what we did this term. In maths we did place value, we […]

Boiling the Candle yr7 by KA

Days of the week is a weekend, when we break up in Thursday Penny and pound 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p £1 £2 Numbers odd and even we did tens and ones Show assembly on Thursday Star of the week afternoon Read the book On the farm Seed Soil Tree we did news bites […]

Chocolatey 5E

5E have had a wonderful week of Easter Celebrations. We have made our own chocolate Easter eggs, cards with rabbits on and some bird nests made out of chocolate and rice crispies (they were yummy). We enjoyed watching the Lego Easter Story on the interactive whiteboard too. Our teachers have sent lots of homework home […]

5M’s news

We have had a lovely end to the half term this week. We have been exploring capacity and length in Maths and we have been reading traditional stories in English. In Science we have been exploring air resistance and have been using parachutes and in Geography and History we have been finishing our work on […]

Happy 3Easter

This week, 3E have enjoyed lots of Easter crafts and activities including making shredded wheat nests, painting eggs, going on an egg hunt and making Easter cards for our mommies and daddies. We have also enjoyed two outings this week – one to the park and one to the soft play. 3E hopes everyone has […]

Thoughts about Easter in 2M

We have enjoyed another busy week, learning about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ in English. Once again the children really enjoyed acting out the story. In Science we are looking at animal habitats. We are thinking about Easter, and Mrs. Hadgkiss has made lovely cards with us. Please remember to send in your completed Easter […]

Parents were in Year 6

Year 6 had a great time working with parents in our Inspire Workshop. We created a rainforest curtain for our classroom and planted potatoes for us to eat later in the year. In PHSE we have been using Class Dojo Big Ideas to think about EMPATHY. We are trying to think about how our actions […]

5E have been tweeting

Another great week in 5E. In Maths we have been learning all about capacity, we explored lots of different containers filling them up with water and emptying them. Some of us also looked at non-standard measures, we filled up containers with cups of water and counted how many cups it took to fill the containers. In […]