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Return of our eggcellent Easter Egg Competition.

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Our Easter Egg Competition is now open. Design and make a 2d or 3d Easter Egg, get family and friends to sponsor you (raising money for our School Fund) and have some fun. Entries need to be in school by Monday 26th March at the latest. First prize a £10 Smyths Toys voucher. Looking for […]

Year 5 secondary transfer invitation

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If your child has a diagnosis of Autism and you are considering ASC secondary provision for September 2019 then we would like to invite you to come to one of our open sessions. year 5 transfer 2018

Foundation Schools formal consultation

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For some time, our Governing Board have been considering the best options for The Pines to ensure that we have the right networks and support so that we can continue to provide the very best  education for your child. Having looked at a range of options we decided to consult informally on an option to change the type of school we are from a Community […]

Thinking of buying video or computer games?


If you are thinking of buying video or computer games for your child this Christmas, here are a few points you might want to bear in mind. The age certificates given on the game are a guide to the appropriateness of the content not the difficulty of the game. Games for older children and adults […]