Yr 7 blog by N O’B and RM

I just want to tell you about the things that we did this term. In English, we’ve been doing about illustrating our stories. We did drawing and colouring our pictures.  We also did reading. In Maths, we’ve been did writing numbers to 1000, time and money. In time, we did the 24 hour clock. In money, we recognised […]

Yr 7 blogs by L’M, D and J S-S

Year 7 we worked hard in Maths, we worked with money 2p  5p  10p  50p In science we worked hard on an experiment to see if our items sunk or floated.  l’mari Today we made ester work Dylan I’m write this to you, about what we did this term. In maths we did place value, we […]

Boiling the Candle yr7 by KA

Days of the week is a weekend, when we break up in Thursday Penny and pound 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p £1 £2 Numbers odd and even we did tens and ones Show assembly on Thursday Star of the week afternoon Read the book On the farm Seed Soil Tree we did news bites […]

Year 7 have been busy ……

in English we did the guide reading  called the magic carpet WE SAW CINDERELLA in the hippodroom (RM) in Maths  we did the addition and subtraction 3 digit numbers and we did 6X table (RM) in ART we did the knight shield and we did the clothes (RM) In Science we did what materiel soak up the most […]

DSS and LH’s blog Year 7

In maths we have been using weighing scales to weigh in grams with objects we used  scissors, glue stick, rubber, bottle, a globe, and a book. (DSS) In English we have been doing writing. (Lh) In art we have been painting  a Norman solider in back in 1066. (DSS) In DT we have been learning […]

NHD’s blog Year 7

in maths we did waying in engelish we change words yoosing un, kind and unkind, clear and unclear. in history we lurnd about a batle of hastings. not unkind

MA’s blog Year 7

hello  this week i have learn conjunctions in english

ZA’s blog Year 7

in English we have been looking at the root word and the pre-fix ‘un’ to change the meaning. For example some of the word we are:- happy and unhappy kind and unkind lucky and unlucky pack and unpack   In Maths we have been objects in grams. we then put them in order from the […]

DP and AK’s blog Year 7

we  enjoy prefix-un. this a group of letters at the start Sentence (DP) We Been learning in maths weighing Haves and lightest (AK) we have been researching ingredients for an apple pie for next week (DP) We been doing Gymnastics In P.E (AK) in history  we have been Learning 1066 the battle of hasting (DP) We […]

LB and NO’B’s blog Year 7

Today we’ve been learning the things that we have done this week. In Maths, we’ve been learning about Weighing objects. We weighed a few objects like for an example: a dictionary, a globe, a gluestick etc. We also weigh them in grams. We also did adding and taking away. (NOB) In English, we’ve been learning to spell words […]