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It’s all Greek to 3E


3E have been continuing work on our topic “It’s all Greek to me.” This week, the children have enjoyed looking at Ancient Greek artefacts, trying a selection of Greek foods and decorating Greek-style masks for our display.

Going swimmingly in 5E


What a busy week! 5E have been on a pre-visit to Stechford swimming baths, we have also been to the park with 5M, we had so much fun! We participated in a science investigation…AND we have had our first swimming lesson of the term! What a fabulous week!

5M have written their own blog


Hi from class 5m we have made anamations went swimming went to a park ahd we ist a fhjt a irc (we learnt about electrical circuits). Wee made bread in dt in art wee made mattise colosh (collage).

Year 6 love Chocolate Cake


Year 6 This week’s maths has been addition and subtraction. In English we have been writing our own poems and watching some poems being read by their authors. Our favourite is Chocolate cake by Michael Rosen.

Balloon Man arrives in 1E


1E have been sharing ‘My Balloon Man’ story, we enjoyed making our own Balloon Man by sticking a nose, mouth, eyes, ears, hands and feet onto the balloon and watching it float down when we threw it 🙂 We have been exploring wind as part of our weather topic and enjoyed making objects move using […]

Its Magic in 5M


This week 5m started their new topic ‘abracadabra’. We have started to look at magic in the past. In English we have been exploring animation scripts and have started to plan our own. We have also been learning about how to stay safe on the internet.   We had great fun creating our class charter […]

Despite the rain …..


A lovely week in 2E despite the rain! Lots of work on routines and a start to our Science activities on Forces resulting in some fantastic pushes and pulls. Next week we begin to look at our outside area and improve it.

5E are bakers


A busy week for class 5E, we have been participating in some investigations in Science, we have been making predictions and observing results. We enjoyed going to the food technology room to make bread which we ate for breakfast the next morning. Looking forward to see what next week brings

Welcome to the new Butterflies

Early Years

A very warm welcome to all our new children in Butterflies. This week we have really enjoyed playing with all the toys in the class room. We have played in our sensory room and explored our playground resources. Today we painted hand prints and played with our favourite toys. Remember, its our Autumn fair tomorrow […]

Year 6, mountaineers


Year 6 have continued to learn about mountains. The top of a mountain is called the summit. They often have snow and ice on the summit and can be very cold. The side of the mountain is called the slope. A mountain must be over 300m tall to be called a mountain. In Music we […]