Yr 7 blogs by L’M, D and J S-S

Yr 7 blogs by L’M, D and J S-S

Year 7 we worked hard in Maths, we worked with money 2p  5p  10p  50p

In science we worked hard on an experiment to see if our items sunk or floated.
Today we made ester work

I’m write this to you, about what we did this term.

In maths we did place value, we wrote it in witting and the numbers. For example 61 and doing the same way but did this, sixty-one.

In English, we did some guided reading. Also we did some Dictionary reading.

In art, we made our own planets, by painting them wrapped with news paper. We also had some time to make our own rocket, we also painted them.

In science, we did friction. Using toy cars to see how much force the car will go the furthest on. There were carpet, wood and vinyl.

Daniel S-S