Yr 7 blog by N O’B and RM

Yr 7 blog by N O’B and RM

I just want to tell you about the things that we did this term.

In English, we’ve been doing about illustrating our stories. We did drawing and colouring our pictures.  We also did reading.

In Maths, we’ve been did writing numbers to 1000, time and money. In time, we did the 24 hour clock. In money, we recognised the value of coins and counted them up.

In Science, we did Science week. We enjoyed the animal person. Inside , we learned about friction.

From, Niamh.

In maths we have learned about money using 1ps 2ps 5ps 10ps 20ps 50ps and £1.Adding the money up to see how much we got and takeaway to see how much we spend.

In art we have been looking at a artists called Andy Goldsworthy using sticks, leaves, and stones, to create pictures in our book at the park and in forest school.

In DT we were making boats made out of smooth wood, we had sharp objects using a saw, and a drill, we used paint to make it colorful and using sand paper to make it smooth we used fabric to make a sail.

In English we did a news report on Moana going missing.

In French we learned how to said how the weather is Also if we have no pets or we have pets.

In geography we have been learning about 4 different directions North, South, East, and West, to find our way where were going.

By Rayhaan