Year 7 have been busy ……

Year 7 have been busy ……

in English we did the guide reading  called the magic carpet WE SAW CINDERELLA in the hippodroom (RM)

in Maths  we did the addition and subtraction 3 digit numbers and we did 6X table (RM)

in ART we did the knight shield and we did the clothes (RM)

In Science we did what materiel soak up the most water PAPER TOWEL FABRIC PLASTIC AND WOOD  (RM)

In Food room we made apple pies (RM)

In maths we have been doing 3 digit numbers using hundreds, tens, and one’s we have also used add, and subtraction. (DSS)

In English we have been doing guided reading. (DSS)

In art we have been deigning our own Norman shield and we have been making our own Stella Jean clothes design.(DSS)

In science we have been looking at witch material would soak up the most water the material were wood, fabric, plastic, newspaper, and paper towl. (DSS)

In DT we have made apple pie’s to take home On Friday. (DSS)

In PE we have done gymnastics to do balancing. (DSS)

In French we have learned how to say “I like” in French J’aime. (DSS)

On Wednesday we went to the Hippodrome in Birmingham to see Cinderella. (DSS)

In maths this week i worked on two digit numbers and also place value not forgetting the six times tables. We also done gymnastics in the sports hall in and enjoyed making apple pies in food technology (ZA)