Changing from Community School Category to Foundation Trust Category and acquiring a Charitable Trust

Changing from Community School Category to Foundation Trust Category and acquiring a Charitable Trust

For some time the Governing Board have been considering the best options for The Pines School to ensure that we have the networks and support that we need to provide the very best education for your child.

Having looked at a range of options we have decided to consult on an option to change the type of school we are from a Community school to a Foundation school. This will allow us to form a partnership with other special education schools and partners to achieve our aims for the school, whilst maintaining the identity of The Pines.

What we are aiming to do is to reorganise how we currently work with others for the benefit of our learners and staff. Whilst this will bring a positive change and collaboration there are a number of areas that will remain the same.

· The school name will remain the same. · The school day and term times will remain the same. · School uniform will remain the same. · Staff that currently teach and support your child will remain the same. · The Governing Board will remain in place and will do the same as they do now. · Transport will continue in the same way that it does currently.

Please find enclosed information for our initial informal consultation. There is an opportunity for you to attend a meeting to hear more about what this means and you are welcome to any of the meetings listed for either parents / carers or public.

We hope that you will attend one of the meetings and that you will take the time to complete the attached  downloadable questionnaire to tell us what you think. This should be returned to school by noon on Monday 29th January please.

There is a further more in-depth explanation of the proposal on our website as well as a ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQ). These are available in the attached downloadable documents

At the end of this informal consultation the Governing Board will meet to decide whether to consult formally. Please be assured that no decision has been made yet and we are consulting with all stakeholders.

Birmingham Special Schools Questionnaire

Birmingham Special Schools Trust leaflet A4

Booklet 1 consultation letter