Full Governing Board meeting 17/7/17

Full Governing Board meeting 17/7/17

The Full Governing Board met on Monday 17th July and discussed amongst many other items, the recent City Audit, which reported that all school safeguarding procedures were up to date and compliant.

The Head Teacher gave a very comprehensive report into the running of the School and Governors gave a vote of thanks for her effort and the details it contained. It will help to give Governors a clearer understanding of the current operation of the School.

An item of much interest to all Governors was, as mentioned in the Head Teachers report, the excellent response, from Parents, both for attending Parents Evening and completing the Parents Questionnaire. Parents are very supportive of the school and its activities and Governors appreciate the time and effort Parents put into this.

A Health & Safety report was issued by the Site Manager and it is good to see that there are no issues for concern.

A number of school policies were reviewed and approved.

The Governors were shown the brand new Year 7 uniform and thought how smart it looked and what an asset it will be to the School image. Governors would like to thank all those pupils who helped design it and are sure that they will wear it with pride.