End of Year Blogs

End of Year Blogs


Caterpillars have packed in a lot of fun considering we only became a class in January! We have welcomed new faces as our class has grown in size and have done so well learning to get along and play together. It took us a while to get out and about but once we did we made the most of it with local walks to the shops and visits to the soft play where the children and staff had a real physical workout! Our visits to the Donkey Sanctuary gave us some very special moments and brought out the very best in all the children. We have visited ASDA to pick up some shopping and have a drink in the cafe and enjoyed trips to a local park. Our cooking sessions have been another highlight of the year with some recipes being more successful than others! Our pancakes never really got flipped but we have made yummy pizzas, cakes, flapjacks and biscuits. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and working hard!


A great big “thank you” to all you hard working Ladybirds 🐞 who have all had a fantastic year! All of the class staff have enjoyed watching you grow and learn and we are very proud of you. We hope you have a lovely holiday and we wish you well in your new classes. We will miss you but will still greet you every morning at the school gate 😊. Thank you to Mums and Dads too! You have been continually supportive.


WOW Butterflies, what a year we have had!! It has been an absolute pleasure working and playing with you and being able to watch you grow and develop. We have had lots of fun visiting the donkey sanctuary, the ball pool, the farm, Telford Wonderland, the supermarket and SNAP. We have learned to use PECS extremely well and a lot of children are beginning to use words to communicate, or even short sentences…….AMAZING! We have enjoyed lots of familiar and popular stories such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dear Zoo, The Gingerbread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk, Room on a Broom, The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Polar Bear Polar Bear and many more. We are all able to listen attentively to a story and enjoy listening to a big book story, many of us love sensory stories and some of us love to draw pictures of our favourite character! We can all recognise our names and many of us recognise our friend’s names, and how impressive is this…..some of us can write our names by ourselves!!! WOW! Many of us have also made some firm friendships within Early Years and really enjoy coming to school!!

It’s going to be sad saying goodbye to those of you moving in to an exciting new class but we know you’re going to continue to love school and continue to grow into wonderful Year 1 students .

Year 1E

Class 1E have enjoyed our ‘Happy Families’ topic this term. We have looked at photos of ourselves as babies and photos of our families. We had a lovely time at SNAP.

Year 1M

Year 2E

Well done to all the children in 2E this year for working so hard and making us smile everyday. We have had lots of fun adventures together, we hope you all have a well deserved rest and a lovely Summer break.

Year 2M

Our topic has been, ‘Paddington at the Seaside’. We have been learning about features of the seaside and comparing the seaside of today with the seaside a long time ago. We have been painting seascapes and making model boats using lego. We really enjoyed watching ‘Paddington’ the movie.

In Science we have been growing pansies and sweet peas and learning about deciduous and evergreen trees. We enjoyed a visit to Brookvale Park and playground. We are all looking forward to a well-earned rest.

Year 3E

3E have had a great year and the end to it has been a virtual trip around the world as part of our topic of Three Giant Steps. We have moved from the UK where we looked at the White Cliffs of Dover and became quite fond of Vera Lynn, via France and the rest of Europe when we tried out the cycles and scooters after we watched the Tour de France cyclists, to Canada as part of the whole world, where they speak both French and English! We have used Google Earth and really enjoyed zooming in on the different continents and countries. Working on capacity has been lots of fun in our swimming trunks and we even managed to water our plants every day and keep them alive during the hot sunny weather we’ve had. Our Assembly was good fun and we told the children and our parents how to recycle. We have also helped our environment by recycling the paper around school. Have a happy and safe holiday everyone and we’ll see you in your new classes next term.

Year 3M

This half term
this half term we have been doing very fun stuff like going to our new classes. this term we took part in sports day. Our new topic is……. 3 Giant Steps! 3 Giant Steps is a topic about……. Materials!!!! The types of materials were Fabric, Wood, Stone, Plastic, Glass and Metal. Also we have been learning about rocks in Science (3 Giant Steps). The 3 types of rocks are Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks.

we have been leaning in eglish we got to whrite storys.

We done trashishon day we also went into our new classes.

we have been dowing volcanoes.
Written by Ayaan, Hussain, Mikail and Owen.

Year 4E and M

What a year its been, we have worked very hard and learnt alot. From Shakespeare Schools Festival to Pioneer Centre, parks, zoos, theatres, graffiti artists and Think Tank , each visit has taught us more about the world and expanded our skills and knowledge. Now its time to move on to Year 5 and we are ready.

Year 5E

We’ve had a lovely, busy half term. We went to the Think Tank and enjoyed the planetarium and the science park. We also went to Sandwell Valley Country Park, we fed the animals and explored the adventure playground. We’ve been finding out about our locality, taking lots of photos and visiting the shops. Class 5E

Year 6

Class 6 this term have learnt about Eco warriors. We made our own recycled paper from old newspapers, learnt about pollution, we made animals from junk, did some graffiti art and visited the Think Tank. Class 6 are looking forward to moving on into secondary school. We will meet our new teachers and make new friends.