Thank you

Thank you

Dear Parents and Carers.

I would like to share some really good news we have had over the last couple of weeks, that can’t wait until the next newsletter! It really shows some of the amazing support we have at The Pines, and has made me really proud to be the Headteacher of a school that has such a strong sense of community!

Our new Forest School area is coming along nicely, thanks to the team of volunteers we have, who have not only cleared the areas for us but have also donated fencing, logs and a shed! We can’t wait to start using the area! Please remember that you can help support our project by popping your blue tokens into our section in Tesco’s.

Mrs Lucas has raised over £200 so far (and is still collecting money) after completing a 10k run!

Staff made and sold food and cakes on our training day, which raised over £100!

Today one of our families made a very generous donation to our playground fund!

We received a phone call today to tell us that we have won a 4-piece trim trail for the playground, thanks to parents, friends and families liking their Facebook page, this should be with us shortly.

Over the last half term, we have had some lovely craft resources donated by a local Brownie pack which will be really useful in the coming months. I am also going to talk to the Brownies on Monday as they have raised £150 for us and would like to help to pick some toys for our playground.

So on behalf of the children, the staff and all of the families at The Pines I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this amazing term so far! We really appreciate it!

Emma Pearce


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