Birmingham Carers Hub

Birmingham Carers Hub

Birmingham Carers Hub is the main carer support service that operates across the whole of Birmingham. We offer a range of services all of which is FREE to carers:

* Advice and information

* Statutory Carer Assessments

* Benefits maximisation and grant applications.

* Emergency back- up service 24/7 365 days per yr.

* Sitting service so carers can attend medical appointments.

* Healthy Lifestyle support including health checks and access to a health grant. (social prescribing)

* Carer Training such as ‘Moving and Handling People Safely’ and ‘First Aid’

* Access to carer dementia support services

* Wellbeing including mindfulness, yoga and relaxation classes

* Meds management and delivery service.

This wide range of provision is achieved because Birmingham Carers Hub is made up of a partnership of 22 charities and not for profits under the Forward Carers Consortium.


1 in 8 adults is a carer, this includes friends and neighbours as well as family carers. The caring role is wide ranging including personal care, administration of medication, emotional support, assistance with financial matters, domestic, or physical assistance. The Carers Hub currently supports over 16,500 carers in Birmingham but we estimate there to be over 107,000. We therefore want to reach more family carers to ensure they access support and remain resilient in there caring role.


When the carer situation breaks down it can lead to extra demand on costly primary, acute and social care services. This is why under the Care Act 2014 there is a duty on LAs and NHS to work in partnership to improve carer wellbeing and carer support is a priority under Better Care programme in Birmingham.


Birmingham Carer Hub is now tasked to engage with GPs / Hospitals to promote carer awareness in order to generate referrals and ensure more carers access much needed support. This support is for all adult carers including parent-carers of children with additional support needs, older people in caring roles and sandwich carers of mid age ranges perhaps caring for a parent but juggling a range of family, work and social responsibilities. For young carers, under the age of 18, will we work with Spurgeons who are the local specialist young carer service to ensure support is offered.


Carers can self refer as well as professionals on there behalf:

* Regular staffed pop-up ‘Carers Corner’ stand in the surgery at busy times.

* Online registration ‘Professional Referral’ button on our homepage * Referrals direct to our team: or by telephone: 0121 663